Alternative Community Service (ACS) Waiver

Network of Community Options, Inc. is a licensed provider of DDS Alternative Community Services. Through this program we provide the Medicaid Home and Community-Based Waiver (HCBW) that serves individuals of all ages who experience developmental disabilities. Waiver is a tool used by states to get Federal Medicaid money for long-term care services for consumers who do not live in institutions.

To be eligible for the program a person must meet specific requirements mandated by state and federal guidelines.

  • Case Management - Locating, coordinating, and monitoring the provision of the services in the person's Multi-Agency Plan of Service (MAPS).
  • Waiver Coordination - Ensuring the delivery of all direct care services, including making alternative living arrangements.
  • Supportive Living Services - To help children and adults acquire, return, and improve their self-help socialization and adaptive skills necessary to live successfully in a home and community-based setting.
  • Community Experience - Flexible services to prepare children to function well in a community setting.
  • Respite Care - To allow the caregiver to take a break.
  • Non-Medical Transportation - Providing transportation necessary for integration into the community.
  • Adaptive Equipment Services -Purchasing, leasing and as necessary, repair of adaptive, therapeutic and augmentative equipment to help individuals perform daily life tasks that would be possible otherwise.
  • Environmental Modification - Coordinating and ensuring access to all areas of living space.
  • Supplemental Support Services- Provding emergency medical costs, transitional expenses, fees for activities that are therapeutic in nature and complement / reinforce community living.
  • Specialized Medical Supplies
  • Consultation Services - Coordinatoring services provided by psychologist, social workers, counselors, certified parent educators, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, registered nurses, and certified providers of adaptive equipment sales.
  • Crisis Intervention Services - Coordinating services provided by a mobile intervention team or professional to provide technical assistance and training in areas of behavior already identified.