CPR & 1st aid instructions

•Independence county, or the surrounding areas contact Nena Branscum at 870-612-5900 Extension 23, or via her cell phone @ 870-307-3013
•In Jonesboro, or the surrounding areas contact Kristin Wilson @ 870-275-6134.
•If you live in Fulton, Sharp, Baxter, or surrounding counties contact Tiffany Kirk @ 870-994-2151 to schedule a class
•You can also sign up for a CPR/1st aid with a local provider in your community. Hospitals, Fire Depts, Ambulance services, local Community College, etc. NCO, Inc will reimburse up to $40.00 for the class. If you do this please be sure to send the HR Dept a copy of your card.
•Also be sure to submit the training hrs so that you can receive pay. If unsure how to do this contact your supervisor.